Materiel Management


Materiel Management Staff Directory

3401 Watkins Drive
Riverside, CA 92521
Fax 951-827-5392

Materiel Management
Name Title Phone Email
Russell Lewis, C.P.M. Director of Materiel Management 951-827-3009 russell.lewis@ucr.edu
Amy Everett Administrative Assistant III 951-827-3002 amy.everett@ucr.edu
Procurement Services (Purchasing)
Name Title Phone Email

David Gee, MPA, CPSM, CPPB

Purchasing Manager/Buyer 230

951-827-3022 david.gee@ucr.edu
Michael Lee Procurement Supervisor, Business Services/Buyer 220 951-827-3004  michael.lee@ucr.edu
Gae Purvis Procurement Supervisor, Strategic Programs/Buyer 410 951-827-3001 gae.purvis@ucr.edu
George Williams Buyer III/Buyer 320 951-827-3007  george.williams@ucr.edu
Renee Aldal Buyer II/Buyer 311 951-827-3023 renee.aldal@ucr.edu
Ana Cotton Buyer II/Buyer 211 951-827-3005 ana.cotton@ucr.edu
Dana Allen Procurement Card Coordinator/Buyer 800 951-827-3008 dana.allen@ucr.edu
Matt Burke Procurement Supervisor Food & Facilities/Buyer 330  951-827-3095  matthew.burke@ucr.edu
BKM Furniture Specialist
Name Title Phone Email
UCR STOREHOUSE BKM Furniture Specialist 951-827-3094
Procurement Card Coordinator
Name Title Phone Email
Dana Allen Procurement Card Coordinator/Buyer 800 951-827-3008 dana.allen@ucr.edu
  Purchasing-Physical Plant Satellite
Name Title Phone Email
Marshall Holman Buyer III/Buyer 701 951-827-4775  marshall.holman@ucr.edu
Name Title Phone Email
Dolores Cordova, C.P.M. Storehouse Manager 951-827-5542 dolores.cordova@ucr.edu
Judy Hodge Administrative Assistant 951-827-5542 judy.hodge@ucr.edu
Tatiana Stancic Administrative Assistant 951-827-5542 tatiana.stancic@ucr.edu
Sue Decker Administrative Assistant 951-827-5542  susan.decker@ucr.edu
Mike Gonzales Lead Storekeeper 951-827-5543 michael.gonzales@ucr.edu
George Perez Storekeeper 951-827-5542  george.perez@ucr.edu
Equipment Management
Name Title Phone Email
Steve Staples Equipment Manager 951-827-4209 steven.staples@ucr.edu
Ryan Charette Excess Surplus Property 951-827-4298


Receiving / Shipping
Name Title Phone Email
Bill Norman Shipping, Receiving and Distribution Supervisor 951-827-3134 william.norman@ucr.edu
Manny Manzano Senior Automotive Equipment Operator 951-827-3134 manny.manzano@ucr.edu 
Peter Roa Senior Automotive Equipment Operator 951-827-3134 peter.roa@ucr.edu
Roland Perez Senior Automotive Equipment Operator 951-827-3134 roland.perez@ucr.edu
Business Agreements
Name Title Phone Email
Vickie Johnson Analyst 951-827-3745 vickie.johnson@ucr.edu

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