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Computer Purchasing

Guide to Ordering Computers and Primary Software Agreement (SHI) Process

UCR Contact Information:
Michael Lee 951-827-3004


All Apple Computer Purchases must be processed through Bear Logic

Dell Computers

All Dell Computers should be processed and ordered through eBuy through “eCatalog”. This process enables Requestors and/or Transactors to punch-out directly to Dell’s premier website, receive University discounted pricing, add items to a cart and return to eBuy seamlessly. Once the order is finished, it is automatically submitted to the supplier’s order entry system without the need for faxing or emailing the order.

Purchasing through eCatalog streamlines the buying process, assures that departments are receiving University pricing, allows electronic order delivery, saves data entry and eliminates the need for either a Dell Access Code or ID#. Furthermore, because this is special UC pricing, departments can order up to $25,000 per transaction through this process, with the exception of no individual item can exceed the capital equipment threshold of $5,000 including tax and freight.

Because this process ensures that all departments are receiving University pricing, all purchases with Dell should now be made with this process. Please see the eCatalog guidethat further defines eCatalog and basic instructions on how to place an order.

Please note the following:

  1. The first page of the Dell premier page will always have the best pricing on standard configurations.
  2. Because all purchases of Dell Computer must now be ordered through eBuy, department SAA’s must set up all shoppers as Requestors in eBuy. This will allow Requestors to access Dell’s premier page, return their cart to eBuy and seamlessly allows a department transactor to complete the order.

Please contact Michael Lee at x23004 if you need any assistance to place an order with Dell. If you have any questions regarding eCatalog, please contact Gae Purvis @ x23001.

Thank for your continued support.

Dell Contact Information:

Jerry Sivret,
Inside Sales Rep
1-800-274-7799 ext. 723-5117
Fax: 1-866-501-8291


Please Note: All Dell branded products must be ordered through Dell following the process listed above. All other computing manufacturers including IBM and HP may be processed through KST with either a Ghost Card or using a DAPO.

The Office of the President has negotiated an agreement for acquiring PCs and laptops that is web based and this vendor offers products from a variety of suppliers. This new service is conducted through a firm called KST Data Inc. and provides a cost effective and efficient procurement program for buying and ordering computer products. KST Data is a leading reseller of computers and related products for major manufactures (HP, IBM, and others) and printers (Lexmark, Epson, Xerox, HP, and others), offering lower prices than previously available to UCR. This new service is designed to allow one stop shopping for staff and faculty members. Key component in this program include “Sweet Spot” pricing based on special discounts on select computers approved by a committee of UC representatives.

This program is called eBuy PC+ and utilizes the buying power of the University to purchase products from HP, IBM, Gateway, and other manufacturers in cooperation with KST.

How to Access the eBuy PC+ online catalog:

Staff and faculty members can log on through the catalog via their iViews homepage underneath Tools by clicking on eBuy PC+ Shopper. No login or password will be needed for access.

For instructions on how to customize and save a quote please visit the following page: http://cnc.ucr.edu/ebuypc/index.php?content=guides/ucr_shoppers.html

Order Process for Purchasing Assistants

All orders through KST can be done with either a DAPO or a Procurement Card. In order to allow cardholders to purchase up to $10,000 with a Procurement Card, Purchasing and their Procurement Card Merchant Bank (U.S. Bank) set up “ghost” accounts for individual cardholders who have been approved by their department financial officer. This “ghost” card will only allow purchases to KST and no plastic is presented at the time of purchase. KST will have a list of all valid cardholders along with their UCR NETID in order to validate their purchases.

The following are procedures to obtain a KST “ghost” account for a single transaction limit up to $10,000.

For instructions on how to customize, save a quote or place an order please visit the following page: these purchases. See KST below for instructions on obtaining these cards.


KST Contact Information:


Current Procurement Cardholders

Financial Managers must send an email to the Procurement Card Coordinator, Dana Allen requesting a ghost account for KST and the single transaction limit they are requesting not to exceed $10,000. If the default FAU is different than their normal Procurement Card, please indicate the FAU.

Once a cardholder has been approved for a “ghost” account, the department SAA must set the cardholder as a transactor in eBuy PC Plus through EACS.

For those employees that currently do not have a Procurement Card, they will need to obtain training and fill out the appropriate forms in order to receive a ghost account. The SAA must set the cardholder as a transactor as noted above. If a department has any questions regarding the Procurement Card or training, please contact the Procurement Card Coordinator, Dana Allen @ x23008.

What is a Sweet Spot?

Each quarter, a UC committee of IT Directors and Managers chooses particular desktop and notebook configurations based upon input from the UC end users.

Each of the major Tier One PC manufacturers (Gateway, HP, IBM, Sony, and Toshiba) chooses a number of models to feature based upon these configurations, and deeply discounts these “Sweet Spot” models.

These Sweet Spots include desktop computers, small form factor computers, ultra slim computers, tablet PC’s, and a variety of notebooks including desktop replacement ultra light notebooks and hybrid notebooks. Generally there is more than one Sweet Spot for most categories.

Sweet Spot configurations are heavily recommended by the UC committee for usage within the campus. Several factors make these sweet spots the suggested purchase:

Price- Since UCR will be purchasing a large volume of these Sweet Spots, we are able to bring them to you at very aggressive prices. Sweet Spot prices are better than normally discounted UC pricing.

Ease of Purchase- Since these Sweet Spots have also been approved by the UCR advisory group and representatives from participating UC’s, they are the perfect essential PC. These configurations are designed for faulty and staff to meet their requirements.

Software House International—UC Systemwide Agreement
Primary vendor for Adobe, Filemaker, McAfee, Microsoft (MCCA and Select) and Symantec.

Orders can be placed directly with SHI via eBuy (e-catalog) email, paper, facsimile or through SHIPS (Software House International online portal) located at www.ships.shi.com.

Ordering information (Please always identify yourself as a University of California employee if placing the order via phone or email)

Fax number 800-814-7567
Phone Number 800-535-5210
Email address (for quotes and order processing) ucsystem@shi.com
Web address: www.ships.shi.com/go/UCRIVERSIDE
username: ucriverside
password: ucriverside

SHI will accept both Purchase orders and the Procurement Card. Please include the following on all orders:

End User name, phone number and email address
Products being purchased and quantity orders
Quote number referencing the Purchase


Primary Points of Contact / SHI

Issue orders to:

Software House International, Inc.
33 Knightsbridge Road
Piscataway, N.J. 08854-3925

Web: http://www.shi.com

Email: ucsystem@shi.com

Toll Free Phone: 800.535.5210

Phone (Toll): 732.764.8888

Toll Free Fax: 800.814.7567

All orders should include the following statement if it applies, otherwise, tax will be charged.

All products purchased on this order are to be distributed via electronic download only.  No tangible media or documentation is to be shipped in association with this order.  Access to the products purchased on this order is in no way dependent upon any tangible media that may have been previously received prior to, or separately from this order. 

 UC System Team Members (Primary Points of Contact)

Amanda Moler – Account Manager 

(800) 535-5210

ucsystem@shi.com   (Hours: 7 am – 4 pm PST M-F)

UC System Support Team

(800) 535-5210

ucsystem@shi.com  (Hours: 8am - 5pm PST M-F)

Remittance Address:
PO Box 8500-41155
Philadelphia, PA 19178

Federal Tax ID#22-3009648

Point of Contact/ Escalation

Role/ Responsibility

Response Time

Inside Sales Representatives


Day-to-Day customer service questions, such as order placement, order tracking, quotations, return authorizations, licensing questions, etc.

Within 4 business hours, with at least status on resolution, if not with the final resolution.


Amanda Moler

Account Manager



Overall management of the relationship between SHI and the customer.  Has the authority to take into consideration special circumstances to make exceptions to SHI’s general policies.

Within 4 business hours, with at least status on resolution, if not with the final resolution.

Frank DiIusto

Director of Inside Sales/Director of Quality



Management of the Inside Sales Representatives.  Escalation point for any over-all quality concerns at SHI

Within 8 business hours with either status or resolution.

Al Fitzgerald

Director of Sales


Management of the Account Executives.  Has the authority to approve contract terms and conditions and to make exceptions as deemed appropriate.


Within 8 business hours with either status or resolution

Thai Lee



Executive authority over all of SHI

Within 8 business hours.

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